Johnny Walker Reveals

The 3 Critical Elements to a 

Successful Executive CV

To Help You get Your Ideal Job

Faster, For More Money.


  • Solve the Relevancy Problem. 

    Make sure the Hiring Manager receives the most relevant version of your CV. Every time.

  • Deliver with Purposeful Language
    Hit the Hiring Managers sweet spot with High performing benefit rich content on your CV

  • Get The Interview Request
    Take the Hiring Manager on a proven and tested path to requesting you for an interview.

  • Used by 209 six-figure earners to get their ideal job.  Proven, Tested and used over and over again.

  • Better Than You Can Get From a CV Writer

Your Host: Johnny Walker 

Founder of The Executive Edge 

Johnny Walker, one of the few guarantees in online coaching, is the creator of The Executive Edge Program and the 7 Steps to Six-Figures System.


These systems help executives and high earners get their ideal job, faster, for more money, without having to sell themselves and have more fulfilling careers.

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